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 投稿者:kaz  投稿日:2014年 3月20日(木)02時02分29秒
  Hi Bartek,

Sorry for my late reply. I was out for a couple of days.
I am kaz, the administrator of this website 'Mantid Maniacs'.

Glad to receive your message!
Maybe this is my first time to say hi to you, isn't it? Or, I have told with you in any forum?

You are good at Japanese ;)
I am surprised that your website is quite beautiful and rich for the information of mantids. I admire your 'heart' to go the rainforests to collect rare mantids. Did you catch them by yourself? Although native people can find mantids easily, I guess mantid-hunting in rainforests is difficult for foreigners (at least for me!).

In Poland, are there many people who enjoy mantids?
I hope we will establish and keep good relationships.


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